Union Employee Savings

Union Home Plus™ offers the most dramatic savings ever offered to union employees when buying or selling a home***

County Avg Sales Price** Union Home Plus™ Sell AND Purchase Benefit* Union Home Plus™ Purchase OR Sell Only Benefit
King $804,795 $24,144 $7,967
Snohomish $521,438 $15,643 $5,162
Kitsap $424,952 $12,748 $4,207
Pierce $379,343 $11,380 $3,755
Thurston $336,137 $10,084 $3,328

* Union Employee Benefit Savings are calculated by average RE commission rebates from average sales/purchase price. Commission rebates may be lower if average sales commission is lower. Some exclusions apply for bank owned, short sale or bankruptcy sales.

** Average sales price calculated from 62,067 listings from November 2017 through November 2018. Source: Northwest Multiple Listing Service

*** Your Union Home Plus™ employee benefit savings are available in EVERY county in Washington State. Contact us today to find out the savings in your neighborhood.

A note about our Union Certified Agent Network (U-CAN) Real Estate Broker Purchase and Listing Commission Concessions:

Union Home Plus™ is not available where it is unlawful to provide rebates on real estate and/or mortgage loan transactions including: Alabama, Alaska, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Oregon, and Tennessee. In addition, Iowa prohibits rebates when consumers use the services of two or more real estate brokers during a transaction. Rebates may vary based on commission amounts and other fees associated with the purchase and sale of real estate in your area. To receive rebates or credits you must use representation from a participating real estate firm and/or agent with Union Home Plus™. The rebate is not applicable if you are already working with an agent or if you complete a real estate or mortgage loan transaction with a non-participating agent or lender who has not been assigned to you through Union Home Plus™.