Program Benefits

It is the dedicated mission of Union Home Plus™ to provide every working family the opportunity to experience the security, pride and wealth that home ownership can provide.

Founded over 16 years ago, Union Home Plus™ ensures that every Union Member and their family is provided the safest, most effective resources to buy, sell or finance their home. We do this by forming partnerships and alliances between the most trusted professionals in the industry. Together, we provide every member and their family the opportunity to receive the most dramatic cost savings, trusted advice and exceptional housing opportunities ever offered.

  • Lender Credits on all purchase and refinance mortgage loan transactions
  • Cash rebates on real estate commissions with participating U-CAN affiliates*
  • Union Apprentice and Nonprofit support programs
  • HARP 2.0 mortgage financing for homes underwater
  • WA State Down-Payment Assistance Programs
  • Conventional, FHA, VA & USDA Government Loans
  • Resources to improve credit scores & profile
  • Confidential consultations & support
  • Free “Financial Wellness for the Trades” classes and seminars

Connect with confidence and let us help you discover Union Home Plus, Your Way Home™

*Union Certified Agent Network (U-CAN) Real Estate Broker Purchase and Listing Commission Concessions*

*Union Home Plus™ is not available where it is unlawful to provide rebates on real estate transactions including: Alabama, Alaska, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi,Missouri, Oklahoma, Oregon, and Tennessee. In addition, Iowa prohibits rebates when consumers use the services of two or more real estate brokers during a transaction. Rebates may vary based on commission amounts and other fees associated with the purchase and sale of real estate in your area.  To receive rebates or credits you must use representation from a participating real estate firm and/or agent with Union Home Plus™. The rebate is not applicable if you are already working with an agent or if you complete a real estate or mortgage loan transaction with a non-participating agent or lender who has not been assigned to you through Union Home Plus™.