Financial Training for the Trades

Financial Wellness for the Trades

Union Home Plus™ presents the Financial Training for the Trades Education Series. These interactive workshops and seminars ensure a strong foundation of usable real world financial understanding and is available for all members, apprentices and retirees alike.


Our workshops and seminars are highly interactive, using information and strategies that you can immediately use in your daily life. Our hands-on education workshops are specifically designed and presented to motivate and engage so you get to participate in learning. There is never a cost to attend!

Our complementary individual sessions can provide a highly customized financial success program based upon your goals. Attendees have found this to be an extremely valuable tool to help visualize and achieve short-term and long-term financial goals.

Finding Financial Balance:
Introduction workshop that focuses on foundational financial understanding, budgeting and your benefits.

Saving and Investing 2.0:
We’ll help you develop a realistic overview of how to set and reach financial goals, along with the tools to achieve them.

The Fundamentals of Real Estate:
The process of buying, selling, and investing in a home has evolved dramatically. Learn how to create and preserve opportunities you can live with.

Mortgages, Loans & Qualifying:
Learn the facts and tools necessary for loan qualifying, what financial options exist and understanding how to get approved!

Understanding Credit:
How to improve your credit scores, engaging credit repair processes and how to manage your it so it saves you money!

Maximizing your Retirement:
This workshop examines how much money may be required for retirement, effective accumulation strategies, ways to generate income and how Reverse Mortgages can enhance your retirement lifestyle.

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For the past 16 years, Union Home Plus™ has acted as a sponsor and educator to Washington State’s Building and Construction Trades, Union Locals, County, State and Federal employees alike. Union Home Plus™ represents more than real world experience and support for union members, we have a sincere and dedicated passion that amplifies our every effort.