About us

Union Home Plus™ was founded over 16 years ago to ensure that every Union Member and their family is provided the safest, most cost effective resources to buy, sell or finance their home. This exclusive Union Member Only Benefit Program was created by forming partnerships and alliances among the strongest and most trusted professionals in the industry. We ensure that every working family is afforded the opportunity to receive the most dramatic cost savings, trusted advice and best housing opportunities ever offered.

Don’t just take our word for it…

Zachary S.

Fraternally Yours, Local 32 Exec. Board Member

“Once again I must tell you that I think the entire staff at Union Home deserves recognition for their commitment to customer service and integrity. .”

Operating Engineers

– Thank You, Marianne,

“Its hard to write down how you have made our lives so much better. We will be forever grateful for this home. You have gone above and beyond helping us.”


Thanks again, Connie,

“Joe and I are very pleased and the new mortgage payment will make our lives more enjoyable, now that we can use some of our money instead of plugging every last penny into the house each month.”

Kevin, NALC Branch 79

So I want to again say thank you so much!

“I just want to thank you again and everyone that worked on helping Bridgett and I to get into our new house! It has been amazing! And you made the whole process so amazingly easy for us!”